If you're like me your jaw just hit the ground after looking at the image below (and your pets are running around dancing a jig knowing that santa paws is comin' to town). Tater Tot has been counting down the days with high anticipation of both Christmas Eve (her birthday) and then Christmas - which basically equals dog toy mania in our house.  And let me tell you, this dog LOVES her toys.  So much so that we always joke around the holidays that the annual Toys for Tot's campaign is actually collecting toys across the nation JUST for her.  :)

My little elves (Kiki and Tot) and myself go into serious overtime during the autumn months trying to get the massive influx of beautiful custom art pieces out the door in time for the holidays.  For those of you who've been thinking about ordering custom artwork as holiday gifts or using images for holiday cards, Tater Tot *highly* recommends scheduling your session for a date on or before November 15th.  There aren't many available dates left so don't wait to schedule your session!

- Your friendly PBSR holiday HQ

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