When I meet a new dog for the first time I like to get a feel for how comfortable they are in front of the camera.  Annie was quite at home in front of my lens, hamming it up left and right.  She seemed very well trained but when I kindly asked her to sit, she inquisitively starred up at me.  It turned out that all of Annie's training was actually in Vietnamese!  How cool is that?  

I got out a new toy for her to play with and she was so excited about it that she would put her paw over it, claiming it as hers (see the 2nd image) - she cracks me up! Annie is like a ray of warm sunshine on a gloomy day - she has such a big effervescent heart that is chock full of unconditional love for everyone and everything.  She's basically the epitome of a dog.  Honestly it was tough to find images of her without a smile on her beautiful face - that's how much of a sweetheart she is!  

It's hard to believe that Annie was found starving in the woods of West Virginia as a pup with barely any fur.  Her parents started out fostering her but they fell head over heels and made the decision to adopt Annie themselves (I'd have done the same thing!).  Annie has been battling cancer the past several months and had just finished a chemo treatment just days prior to her session and so far so good.  Send this furry angel some healing thoughts and good mojo if you can.  xo

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