happy clients

"There will never be enough thank yous to express my profound gratitude for the beautiful photographs you took of my sweet baby. I am so appreciative of your patience and thoughtfulness.  Mulder really had a great time that day, it was a very positive experience for him. He seemed happier that entire week.  Even when he was healthy, we were never able to go to open parks to let him roam off leash. It’s satisfying to know that the photo shoot was as a rewarding experience for him, as it was for his mommy!"

- Anne Marie

"It was such a pleasure to work with you. You captured all of us so beautifully and made us feel so at ease. I am beyond speechless. I was overwhelmingly surprised at how many great shots you got of Dixie given her deafness and age. You managed to get her quiet spirit, as well as some of the puppy that is still left in her. All I can say is you must be a magician mixed with a big heart. And you also eloquently chronicled Amos's love, mischievousness, and athleticism. I cry every time I look at them. You better believe I’ll be back for more in the future."

- Lorie

"It is always such a pleasure to work with you. The photo session was a lot of fun! You have such a warm, happy, sweet and easy going personality. I loved your creativity and ability to come up with different ideas to capture Treasure and Camryn when Treasure did not want to chase the ball that afternoon. Camryn, Treasure and I had a blast!  The photographs are incredibly BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love each and every one of them. They capture the essence of my kids - happy-go-lucky, having fun, and very loving!  And....the silhouettes are BREATHTAKING! You are a such a talented photographer!"

- Janice

"Thanks so much; we can't wait to see everything and really appreciate your personalized care, professionalism, and warmth all through this process.  It's no exaggeration to say that we will treasure these images for a lifetime (and hopefully future generations will enjoy them.  It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you, we definitely intend to engage you again in the future!  Meanwhile, we would love to stay in touch and also plan to recommend you very highly to others."

- Ann

“Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What can I (or we) say?!!!!!!!!!!!  These are the MOST beautiful and fantastic pictures ever!!!  What an artist you are!!  Dan had tears in his eyes and was speechless and I, I have no words.  Thank you for capturing our little fluffs in the most touching way.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!  You've made us so very happy!  You are a true master artist and are so able to see what most cannot.”

- Margie

“Wow Sara!! I don't know how you do it, but again, these photos are perfect! The moments you captured with our dogs is simply priceless and we cannot express how happy we are with entire set. They will be displayed prominently at our wedding. :)  You're not only a super-talented photographer but one of the most professional, nicest people we've ever met. We thank you sincerely for handling difficult situations and difficult schedules with such grace and patience.  We will definitely be in touch in the future.”

- Edwin & Priyanka

"I just got a little lump in my throat just seeing the pictures of Annie. THANK YOU SO MUCH from all of us.  We really appreciate how you captured Annie's beauty.  She is a wonderful dog and your pictures are perfect.  We will cherish those memories of her."

- Diana

“We had to say goodbye to our beloved Cody this afternoon. He was truly one of a kind.  I know we will cherish the pictures you took of our babies for the rest of our lives, and I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your talent with us.”

- Chris

You know I'm freaking out, right? I'm at Code Red...as far as level of pride, bursting from heart...erupting from chest.

Thank you just doesn't seem good enough. All I can say is that one of the best decisions I ever made, was taking the chance to contact you and ask (beg) for a photography session.  I will forever be grateful.

Your decision has changed my life in so many positive ways. Seeing your photos makes me smile every day. Sharing them makes me immensely proud.

I have no idea how to thank you properly. All I can do, for now, is to tell you that your gift has made my life brighter, happier and filled with excitement. You have such a good heart!

- Erin

“You've done it again. I am crying, laughing and just plain amazed at HOW you do it!!!!  THANK YOU for once again exceeding our expectations … the holiday cards will be award winning thanks to YOU.”  

- Lynn

"Well Sara you were right. We all had the best time, especially Ems!  You and Matt were so much fun to work with and we were glad to see there were cool people living out in Loudon.  Emma has really come out of her shell the last few weeks—Tracy and I both think the photo shoot was sort of a turning point for her!"

-Tom and Tracy

“Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! Sara you did an AMAZING job!!! I don't have enough exclamation marks to express it. Yay!!!!! They are exactly what I had in mind. You did a beautiful job. Thank you so much.” 

- Sandra

"I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CHOOSE.  These are amazing, and I'll probably do nothing but stare at them the rest of the day.  This is so fun!  Thank you so, so, so much!"

- Megan 

"WOW!  We looked at the photographs and our jaws hit the floor.  Unbelievable.  We are going to have our work cut out for us picking photos!  Thank you!!!!!"   

- David

“Oh my gosh!!! Sara these are fabulous. I am just in love. Thank you so much for capturing her perfectly. These are absolutely stunning. I don't even know what to say. Thank you so much...Ian just emailed me that he's tearing up. (I did too!!) Thank you thank you thank you.”  

- Stacy 

"I cannot say enough how much we not only cherish the pictures but the memories from that day, running around in the snow with our girls. Thank you so much."

- Gin

“Ok, is the slideshow supposed to make me cry?  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  You know you’re talented if you make my dad cry too.  I can’t stop watching it.  You have such amazing talent to capture love on camera!!!”

- Christy

"They took my breath away!  The metal prints are unbelievable.  Fantastic photography, great display suggestion and absolutely gorgeous printing!  Thank you for helping us capture Amanda's 20th birthday and Kami in her prime.  The photos are simply beyond belief thanks to you!"  

- Martha

“You are a wonderful person whose talents and big heart brings such joy to others!”

- Alli 

“You have been beyond amazing about absolutely everything.  Truly, you are an awesome photographer.  I love being reminded of that every time I see your photos. Thanks so much!!  I adore you!!!” 

- Elle

“This slideshow is just priceless, I'm in a pool of tears over here watching over and over.  You perfectly captured my Freddie and bits of our life. Thank you again so much for being an angel to Freddie and to me.”

- Sharon

“We just love the photos….they are so special and truly capture Molly's personality as we know her!  I love that you took so many wonderful photos of me and my girl.  Your work and artistry are so special…..  We've received SO many compliments on the photographs in our Christmas card, and we gave family framed prints of your photos which were a huge hit with all!  Tomorrow, we'll hang the canvas over our mantle!”

-  Margaret 

“OMG!!!   I LOVE IT!!!  No kidding - my heart is soaring!”

- Mary

“Thank you SO much!  These are absolutely amazing, and they capture the boys' personalities so well!  I know I will cherish these forever!  The black and white picture of Tucker smiling with his eyes closed brought tears to my eyes, and the photo of Otis looking up at us is just perfect!”

- Cameron

“OMG!  I am in love with every single picture!  When I got home last night from work, my mom was sitting at the kitchen table looking at the slideshow with tears in her eyes.  She said, "Sara really captured your relationship and love with Ben."  Sooo true!”

- Kris

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the pictures you took of Bella. They made me cry. I love her so much and struggle as the years pass by and she gets older. The images captured her personality and the fun things we see her do everyday. She will live forever with these images.”

- Drew