A vast, beautiful location and a good balance of ambient light/shade are critical to capturing phenomenal images.  I’ve spent years scouting areas throughout the entire dc region looking for locations that weren't limited with just one or two spots to shoot at. It had to be spacious, consistently photograph beautifully year-round and have a perfect amount of sunlight/shade.  All of these elements culminate into truly great imagery.  *At this time I'm only able to shoot sessions at my Countryside Location.  Not to worry, the other locations will become available again soon!


countryside location

My Loudoun County location spans several hundred acres and is surrounded with an mature trees that put on quite the show in autumn. There are wide open fields, flowers, a rustic stone wall and a barn in Virginia hill country.  The versatility and depth of this location makes it the perfect backdrop.

water location

Over the years I've had many requests for lake/river sessions for your water loving pups and I'm so excited to be able to add this new location into the mix!  The view is breathtaking and these sessions are so much fun because they are action packed.

Beach location

I LOVE shooting at the beach.  Between the dreamy light, the waves and all of those soft pastel colors it's my favorite location hands down!  Contact me if you're interested in setting up a beach session.