Choosing the right pet photographer can be a big decision! Here are a few things to consider when trying to find the right pet photographer for you.

  • Do your research! Check out the different photographers in your area, look closely at their work and listen to your heart.  When you feel a strong pull toward a certain photographer's work - trust your gut!

  • How do you want your images to look and feel? Style is a big factor to consider. Are you leaning toward a more lifestyle / casual style or is traditional more your taste?

  • Testimonials will help give you a sense of the average client experience.  Look for a good amount of positive testimonials from previous clients.

  • Experience is crucial.  How long have they been a professional pet photographer? The entire client process will be much smoother with an experienced photographer and the quality of their work will usually be stronger and more consistent.

  • Consistency is key.  Some photographers may have a few outstanding images on their homepage that draw you in but always make sure you dive deeper into the galleries on their website and their social media.  If the image quality and style are not consistent throughout, that’s a huge red flag.

  • Quality control! Check to see if the images are clean, clear, vibrant, color corrected and that the pet’s eyes are bright and in tack sharp focus. Watch out for lots of harsh and dark shadows - that’s another red flag. Pro tip: check the images on your desktop computer instead of a cell phone or tablet, as you’ll be able to see the image quality much better on a larger screen. Tiny screens can be deceiving!

  • Variety is important.  Does the photographer show mostly photos of their own pets - or of the same pets over and over?  That’s another red flag and is usually a sign that they’re a newbie or hobbyist photographer without much experience.

  • Look for a photographer who specializes in one or two genres (one of them being pets - or pets with their people). If the photographer is a jack of all trades and photographs every genre under the sun in addition to pet photography - that’s a red flag. The very best photographers in the industry specialize in what they do.

  • Is the photographer an animal lover? Do you feel that both you and your pet would respond well to the photographer’s personality?

  • Check their skillset. Does the photographer demonstrate that they know how to capture action shots that aren’t blurry or out of focus? Are they able to capture heart-melting moments between pets and their people? Does the photographer show a variety of different types of images, like fun personality shots and more sincere quiet moments? Are the images flattering to the animals and humans? Do the pet’s in the photographer’s galleries look happy / content / engaged / calm / relaxed -or- nervous / uninterested / scared?