It's always great hearing rave reviews from friends and clients about their favorite pet products.  There are no paid promotions or affiliate links, it's mostly just Kiki's favorite dog products that she regularly uses, loves and we want to share them with you!  Click the images below to visit their website.

1. The Great White North Dog Coat by Chilly Dogs - my Canadian friends absolutely rave about this coat and I figure if they're good enough for harsh Canadian winters then they are good enough for Northern Virginia winters too.  They are worth EVERY penny - we love them!  2. This Ruffwear Harness is the best of the best when it comes to harnesses!  3. Kiki has had her custom dog tag for over 6 years now and it has held up beautifully!  4. Have a dog who can't see out the window or who gets car sick? Consider your problemo solved!  Bonus: my dogs loved to lounge in them inside the house too!  5. My little Tot loved these durable squeaky fleece bones and I love that they're made in the USA with safe materials.  6. Safety first!  We feel so much more comfortable walking Kiki at night with her little Night Ize light on - we are constantly asked about it and where to find it.  7. These bowls are handmade and I have a slight obsession with Bauer Pottery - it's a truly beautiful and modern water/food bowl.  8. Kiki is a blanket connoisseur and this one is pretty snuggly.  9.  This is Kiki's favorite warm and ultra cozy blankie.  10. I want this and I don't even have a cat (yet!)!  11.  As a California girl I miss In N Out something fierce but your dogs can get it to go and enjoy it anywhere, anytime!  12. Jax and Bones has the best, most comfortable and stylish dog beds around.  The customer service I experienced left much to be desired but the benefits of the bed are by far worth it.  13. Whistle recently upgraded their device and it now includes GPS tracking!  Yes!  When I was traveling and away from my dogs, I loved that I could check in to see what their activity had been like during the day and that their dog sitter was sticking to their routine.  14. Dog bone Christmas advent calendar - because why not?!?  15. My little Tot would have LOVED this machine!  16. Stylish toy bin - need I say more?  17. These Lands End Dog Squall jackets are great for those soggy days when it's rainy and/or cold but not cold enough to get the Chilly Dogs coat out!  18.  I've heard from a few friends that this Clever Pet Hub is pretty awesome!  There are 10 different levels of puzzles that your dog has to work through - what a great idea for dogs that get bored or need a little extra mental stimulation!  19. You can now send letters with your dog's very own custom paw stamp!  This is SERIOUSLY cool!  20. How cute are these cozy cat coves?