LIFESTYLE photography for pets & their people

based in northern virginia

Aloha, I'm Sara!  Since 2009, I've been one of the premier photographers in the industry specializing in pet and people photography (I also photograph just pets too!).  It's all about capturing unconditional love, real moments (the kind you want to bottle up forever) and all of the things that make your pet so special in a relaxed and modern style.

With my unique approach, capturing beautiful images does not depend on your dog's training level, if your pet is shy or a wild child or whether they can be trusted off leash.  

Sessions are relaxed and fun for everyone - especially for your pet who will feel like a rockstar from all of the love and attention!  After the session you'll receive a beautiful collection of images as well as the peace of mind knowing that you'll always have these timeless images that your pets will be able to live on in forever.

9 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR PETS & THEIR PEOPLE - I've successfully worked with hundreds of dogs at every level of training (including no training at all) and every personality type under the sun.  Over the years I've learned many tips along the way.  Sessions are about capturing personality, character, heart and soul - no training is necessary to capture those things because they all happen naturally.  The majority of pets that I work with are not well trained and are on-leash their entire session - it's perfectly normal!

100% GUARANTEE - I stand by the quality of my work and settle for nothing less than the very best.  I want you to feel secure in your decision knowing that I guarantee you will LOVE your images!

ANIMAL WHISPERER - Your pets and I will become instant BFFs - really!  Many clients have been shocked by how quickly their shy / reserved pets were able to overcome their usual hesitation.

EASY PEASY - Over the years I've fine tuned the entire client process to make it a breeze for you. The only hard part will be narrowing down your favorite images - not to worry though, I have a few tips to make that easier too!

PATIENCE OF A ZEN MASTER - When working with animals, I'm able to tap into a deep reservoir of patience and peace.  Unlimited patience is essential to creating a loving and fun atmosphere where pets (and people) feel comfortable enough to let their personalities shine. I believe that with enough patience and love, anything is possible.

PEACE OF MIND - You'll have the peace of mind knowing that I'll be able to turn your vision into gorgeous works of art and that everyone will have an exceptionally fun and rewarding experience!